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Local community television stations such as Branford's own BCTV can offer you the chance to host/produce your very own television show.  It's your chance to express your creative freedom and/or opinion. Whether its a talk show, art/music program, documentary or any other type of TV program, contact BCTV at 481-3232 to learn more about local community television, and how you can make a difference in your community!
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Branford Town Hall
BCTV Honored For Best Community Access Station
(West Hartford, CT)  BCTV was recently honored at the ACM Northeast Video Festival Awards held in West Hartford.  The award was for Best P.E.G. (Public, Educational and Government) Access TV Station in the Northeast with an annual budget of under $100k.
The award specifically recognizes overall station achievement by a local community access TV station that provides training and facilities for production of community access programming.  In addition to the many producers who utilize BCTV's facilities, BCTV also produces live local election night coverage and runs a successfull high school and college internship program focusing on the electronic media.
For more information on the Alliance for Community Media, CLICK HERE to visit their website.
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BCTV, in conjunction with Branford High School and Walsh Intermediate School, now has a middle school and high school internship program.  Students have the opportunity to participate, hands-on, in television program production.  From studio camera operation, to graphics, video switcher, audio control and other facets of TV production, students will learn the in's and out's of producing a television program.  In addition, BCTV is now accepting college students to participate in our internship program.  Currently, students from Southern Connecticut State University (SCSU) are already intern program particpants at BCTV. Many students who have participated in the internship program have gone on to successful careers in the broadcasting industry.  For more information , call us at 203-481-3232.
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BCTV Producer Jan Doyle Wins National Alliance for Community Media Award For Her "Classroom Connections" Educational
TV Program
(Branford, CT)  "Classroom Connections" Host/Producer Jan Doyle, was announced as a winner of the "Educational Profile Program" award from the Alliance for Community Media. The specific program that won the award focused on Sliney School, and was part of a series done with superintendent Hamlet Hernandez.. Winners of the 2012 ACM Hometown Media Awards were chosen from more than 1,000 entries representing towns and cities across the country. The awards were handed out  at the Alliance for Community Media 2012 Conference & Exhibition, July 31-August 2, 2012 at the Hyatt Regency in Chicago. Doyle has hosted the "Classroom Connections" program for several years, featuring guests including Bernie Siegel, M.D., an internationally recognized expert in the field of cancer treatment/ & holistic medicine.  For an additional story on Jan's award, visit the Branford Seven by CLICKING HERE.
"Classroom Connections" Host/Producer Jan Doyle, (right), with Walter Mann, (left), BCTV Station Manager.
BCTV Televised Town Meetings Moved To New Branford Fire
For many years, most televised Town of Branford meetings were held at the Canoe Brook Senior Center,  However, recently, those televised Town meetings were relocated to the Training/Meeting Room at the new Branford Fire Headquarters.  The Training/Meeting Room is much more spacious than the former venue, and has added improvements including the addiition of a third robotic camera, improved audio, and much better acoustics.  Additionally, the new building allows for the placement of the TV control equipment in a separate room as opposed to the former venue where
Henry Pond, longtime videographer of Branford town meetings, in the TV control room at the new Branford Fire Headquarters.
the equipment had to be operated out of wall-mounted cabinets in the same room where the meeting itself was being conducted. Also, new wireless microphones and a state-of-the-art sound system are now part of the mix, allowing for improved, amplified audio in the meeting room.  This provides the ability for all in attendance at the meeting, no matter where in the room they are seated, to be able to easily hear all the goings on of the meeting.  BCTV thanks the Town of Branford I.T. and Fire Departments for their support.
Alan Fitz, President of BCTV, recently completed a video promo inviting Branford residents to get involved in producing programming at BCTV. The promo gives a brief tour of the BCTV studios, including new upgraded, HD television equipment. In addition, to demonstrate how easy it is to shoot video in the field with a smartphone, parts of the promo were shot using an iPhone.  The iPhone footage was made "extra-steady" using BCTV's new "SteadiCam" for smartphones.
Use the controls to the right to view the promo or catch it on BCTV !
BCTV's Alan Fitz Invites You
To Get Involved at BCTV
BCTV's Dick Schreiber Shows How Easy It Is To
Produce A TV Segment
Richard Schreiber, a member of the BCTV Board of Directors, recently planned and executed a successful TV production for the first time, inlcuding scriptwriting, formatting,
arranging crews, as well as serving as on-air talent and working with BCTV staff on editing the piece.  To view the segment, use the player to the right. It's an entertaining production!
BCTV recently took an in-depth tour of the new 9-1-1 Dispatch Center at the Branford Police Headquarters. Police Chief Kevin Holleran and Captain Geoff Morgan host the video tour, which gives a unique, behind-the scenes look at all the new, recently-installed technology at the dispatch center.  (Double-click on the player below to view in fullscreen mode).
BCTV Tours Branford's New
9-1-1 Dispatch Center
Recently, some Branford Cub Scouts had the opportunity to tour the BCTV studios, seeing BCTV's new, upgraded, HD television production equipment. The Scouts learned about the many facets of TV production, seeing the Studio, Control Rooms, and editing suites. Parents of the Scouts accompanied their children on the tour. The Scouts favorite part of the tour was in the studio, doing mock weather forecasts against BCTV's chromakey (green screen) wall. 

If you know of a Cub Scout or Girl Scout group who wish to tour BCTV, contact us today at 203-481-3232 or email at
Branford Cub Scouts
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TV Production
BCTV Completes Installation of New Equipment
BCTV recently completed installation of new equipment to address various needs at BCTV. The equipment was purchased with funds attained from a grant from the State of Connecticut.  The grant, a Public, Educational and Governmental Programming and Educational Technology Investment Account (or PEGPETIA) was attained in November, 2012.  Purchased were new HD studio cameras,  an upgraded HD video switcher, and an additional editing system for the BCTV studio. Also purchased,was a new server-based program playback system and bulletin board system for the Branford Educational Access Channel, as well as technology to allow for live cablecasting of various Branford town meetings, were all purchased as a result of the grant.
Courtesy: History Channel/Left Field Pictures
History Channel "Chasing Tail" Scenes Filmed at BCTV !
A recent episode of the "Chasing Tail" series airing on History Channel was filmed at BCTV. Below, (left) BCTV's Chris Bennett is seen on History Channel in the BCTV Studio Control Room, while Sara Miles (below/right) is seen interviewing Mike Adronaco & Michael "Arky" Vaughn. For more pics, CLICK HERE.
BCTV Board Members recently attended the Branford High School Career Day 2013.  This annual event's goal is to offer Branford High School students the opportunity to meet area businesses and learn more about careers in their respective industry.  BCTV's Peter Hugret, Amy Koch and LIz Ferguson greeted the students and explained BCTV's role in the community and discussed careers in the television industry.  Special thanks to Branford Public School's Superintendent Hamlet Hernandez, as well as staff Lee Pantagoulus and Anna Puglia for their support of BCTV.
BCTV Participates in Branford High School Career Day 2013
"A Tour of the Stony Creek Quarry" is now viewable on BCTV and right here on  The video, hosted by Anthony "Unk" DaRos and Carl Balestracci, and taped by Chris Bennett, features unique tales about the storied history of the quarry, from its early beginnings to today.  You'll see terrific footage of the quarry today, and take a stroll down memory lane. You can watch the video on the player to the right.
New Video on History of
Stony Creek Quarry
New Branford History Video Debuts Right Here
on !
"Branford History: Davis Island, Stony Creek" shows classic footage of Branford not seen by the public in years. BCTV assisted in transferring the films to video. This is a digitally remastered film from 1929 and 1930 of Davis Island in the Stony Creek area of Branford, Connecticut. Lucy Cross takes us on a historical journey back to when her family lived on the island.Watch it on BCTV or right here using the video player to the left.
Join Marc Schwartz, host of the new program "Healthy Aging," when the focus is on "How To Extend The Healthy Years of Your Life."
Each episode of "Healthy Aging" will give insight and ideas on how to maintain health as one ages. This program is specifically targeted to Branford residents.The program is now airing on BCTV and right here, online at  Use the player to the right to view the program!
New "Healthy Aging" Show
with Marc Schwartz Debuts
BCTV was on the scene to cover the League of Women Voters of the East Shore forum on "Sustainable Energy for Connecticut Communities" on Nov.12th. The event featured Moderator and State Rep. Lonnie Reed, House Chair of the CT General Assembly Energy & Technology Committee. Also featured were
Daniel Esty, Commissioner, Dept. Energy & Environmental Protection, George Keithan, President, Consulting Engineering Services Corp., Jeff Lendroth, Sustainability Consultant, Munger Corp., Branford and Kerry O’Neill, Clean Energy Finance & Investment Authority

LWV Sustainable Energy
BCTV Delivered Results, Analysis and Reports from Campaign Headquarters on Election Night
BCTV was on the scene to cover the Branford municipal election on November 5 with the "BCTV Election Live 2013" telecast. The election coverage, which aired live, from 8:00pm to 10:00pm, was anchored in-studio by broadcast veteran Jim Masters of THIRTEEN/WNET, New York, and CPTV/Hartford. Jim was joined by analysts Jeff Clark,Chris Sullivan and Frank Twohill, all of whom provided unqiue insight into the campaigns. As well, BCTV had reporters at all three campaigns headquarters, with Marcia Chambers, Sally Bahner and Jade Ye at Independent Branford Voters headquarters.

Throughout the telecast, BCTV would post the numbers as they came in, and aired the concession and victory speeches. BCTV would like to thank all of those involved in the telecast, including nearly twenty crew members, for helping deliver phenomenal, live election coverage that kept Branford residents informed, up-to-the-minute on this election that means so much to the Branford community. Replays of the telecast are now airing on BCTV, and can also be viewed on-demand, right here on, using the video player above.
Behind the scenes for BCTV's Election Live 2013. Here, its the control room crew in the midst of the live broadcast. .
Click for Branford, CT Forecast
Marc Schwartz, a local Branford producer, recently completed production on a short-form program highlighting the plans for the new Branford Train Station.  The program takes viewers on an in-depth tour of the site, with specifics on the needs of the station, the construction of the station, and the benefits of a new train station.  The station will have its main entrance on Kirkham Street, and is planned to be completed in the spring of 2015.
Make sure to use the video player to below to view this informative program.
New Program on Plans for
New Branford Train Station
By Marc Schwartz
BCTV's Doug Sisson was on the scene to cover the 2014 edition of Branford's Annual Martin Luther King, Jr. Breakfast at St. Therese Church in Stony Creek.  The event featured the Branford High School Music Makers, a breakfast prepared by local farmers and volunteers and, as committee member Bernadette DiGiulian put it, “a reflection on the influence of the civil rights leader.” Proceeds from the event benefitted the Community Dining Room and the Fuel Assistance Program. Watch the event on BCTV or right here on
Branford's 2014 Edition of MLK Breakfast on BCTV
Otty Norwood, a Branford resident, continues his hard work and dedication to helping fellow seniors with his series "Gray Matters."  The series tackles numerous issues of importance to seniors. In the latest episode, the topic of estate planning is discussed, with important tips to be aware of when beginning the estate planning process. In the latest (April, 2014) episode, technology is discussed in "Seniors and Tablets."  Watch the program on BCTV or right here on
Otty Norwood's "Gray Matters" Helps Seniors
We cannot forget the tremendous sacrifices of the soldiers at Gettysburg, 150 years ago. Sixty thousand soldiers were casualties in the battle. A cavalry officer who was awarded the Medal of Honor lies buried less than one mile from the Blackstone Library. To commemorate the sacrifices of the men and women at Gettysburg, Dr. Richard S. K. Young, a physician, and State Surgeon of the Connecticut Army National Guard, was a guest speaker at the Blackstone Library, presenting "Ten Questions About Gettysburg."
Watch the program on BCTV or right here on
Blackstone "Gettysburg"
Special Now on BCTV